Sunday, 28 June 2015

Have you ever wondered how much value even the littlest happenings in our life possess? Plus, how others can benefit from them, along with ourselves, if it's reflected in the correct manner?

This is the beginning of a blog where everything matters. I have named it as ABird’sEyeView, because it does not rely and is not confined to, a particular topic. Here, at this niche, I would instead be talking about anything that I think would be of sufficient relevance to my readers.

So, about me. I am a college student, who believes in love, compassion, equality and regard for everyone, regardless of their appearance, gender, religion, nationality or ethnicity. I am devoted to breaking futile social or religious stereotypes, which limit the intellects of people. Even in contemporary societies, especially the one in which I reside, people tend to lose their own voice, amidst the echoes of the baseless norms, fear of standing out of the crowd. I believe in ‘creating’ your own identity, rather than choosing one from a set of catalogues to imitate.

I’ll do what it takes to make this platform an interesting place to visit for you guys. Cheers on the hatch-day of a new entity!